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Extend Your Diagnostic Tools for Parkinson

with objective, easy-to-understand eye movement data

Therefore, your next diagnosis tool is not only a notebook with accessories…

TOMStationary Image1

…it´s a notebook-based eye tracking system with cloud computing eye movement analysis software installed on a medical cart system!

You think you don’t need eye tracking to support your diagnosis? Read this website and think again!

All you need for your diagnostic support is a TOM stationary system:

TOMStationary Image1 freigestellt

The all-in-one solution to support your PD diagnosis. It’s medical grade, plug-and-play, incredibly intuitive and packed with the most advanced eye tracker currently available.

TOMStationary Image10

A real sight to see!

The 27” Class 4K Ultra HD screen offers breathtaking clarity in the presentation of visual stimuli!

Next level eye tracking camera!

•    High Speed (up to 2500 Hz)
•    High Resolution (up to Full-HD)
•    Zoom Lens (up to 18.8x magnification)
•    New Parameters (e.g. eye torsion)

A camera that changes your diagnostic options by providing previously inaccessible levels of detail and new parameter areas!

TOMStationary Image12
TOMStationary Image11

The of the TOM System

A fast, portable computer with pre-installed analysis software and internet connection to the TOM cloud supporting reliable diagnosis!

Cloud based Artificial Neural Network


Patient data are analyzed in the TOM Cloud based Artificial Neural Network that was trained with a validated reference data base composed of many PD patient´s and healthy human subject´s eye movement data!

TOMStationary Image14

Visual test stimuli are displayed on the TOM stationary screen… It’s incredible what even a moving dot and pictures on the screen can do!

TOMStationary Image15

Numerous different eye movement parameters are measured with the TOM stationary eye tracking camera…automatically uploaded to the TOM cloud in the background, analyzed with the help of an artificial neural network that has been trained with a validated reference database….

TOMStationary Image16

…test results are dispayed on the results screen of an authorized personal computer for assessment by the medical doctor. Test report can be downloaded as pdf document.

TOM stationary working principle:

WorkingPrinciple Image1
WorkingPrinciple Image2
WorkingPrinciple Image3
WorkingPrinciple Image4
WorkingPrinciple Image5

Easy Integration of TOM stationary in your medical workflow!

Steps ImageNew

In addition to clinical diagnostic support, the TOM stationary can also be used for monitoring the course of therapy in the clinic or therapy facilities.

TOM stationary – a stationary diagnosis & therapy progress control system that:

•  Supports you with an objective test result

•  Allows reliable detection of neurological dysfunctions in an early stage

•  Is easy to use by medical staff

•  Offers simple therapy progress control by jointly using the TOM mobile in patient´s home environment

•  The output from the TOM stationary represents an evolutionary leap in eye-tracking research for neuropsychiatric disorders

•  Measures more parameters with higher precision than any other eye tracking system for medical applications (e.g. eye torsion)

•  The fully customizable research version allows to investigate the basic mechanisms und neural correlates of neurodegenerative diseases in research applications

You need a more flexible tool to use at home? – Check out the TOM – mobile!







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