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TOM eye trackers for medical applications

Physicians can make more precise and reliable diagnosis and optimize treatment for the patient, if they use powerful, intuitive tools. EYE-TREC technology provides valuable biomarkers and helps to increase efficacy in healthcare facilities such as hospitals or doctor’s offices, stay connected with patients over long distances and achieve groundbreaking medical research results.

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TOM hospital
TOM eye trackers in hospitals

Eye tracking has become a valuable biomarker source for many brain diseases. EYE-TREC technology has overcome the limitations of obligatory specialist trainings and limited areas of applications to allow each physician to use eye tracking in their daily clinical routine. The two versatile systems TOM – mobile and TOM – stationary support the physician with objective data, whether they want to quickly examine the effect of a therapy or to establish a differential diagnosis.

TOM eye trackers at patient´s home

Disease progression and therapy monitoring typically requires regular checkups. Telemedicine helps to reduce long waiting periods and journeys for the patient. EYE-TREC technology now allows to remotely gather biomarkers at any time and environment to simplify the patients everyday life and offers unprecedented insights into the individual disease for the physician.

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Developed in cooperation with scientists

EYE-TREC technology is developed by a team of specialist and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research. Beside the award winning research and health technology company Thomas RECORDING, this team consists of this team consists of Prof. Dr. Lars Timmermann (Department of Neurology, University Hospital Giessen & Marburg) and Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer (Department of Neurophysics, University of Marburg).

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